New_Mexico_Teacher_Tested_for-0d1294441a53c3c7db82e8aba5efc582BREAKING NEWS: We’re at no lack for panic as the Ebola crisis continues to stir fears across the world about a possible outbreak beyond West Africa. As we noted earlier, the looting of a health clinic in Liberia brought with it considerable fears that assailants had made off with equipment and bedding that could lead to wider exposure. The whereabouts of as many as 17 patients remain unknown. Meanwhile, across the continent, Kenya issued a travel ban, one of the most aggressive steps taken by a country thus far. From the AP:

The suspension is effective midnight Tuesday for all ports of entry for people traveling from or through Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia, said Kenya’s Health Ministry. Nigeria was not included in the ban, which also allows entry to health professionals and Kenyans returning from those countries.

Elsewhere, a Nigerian woman who died on a flight to Abu Dhabi stoked concerns that she had been stricken and traveling with the Ebola virus.

Her health deteriorated while in transit at Abu Dhabi International Airport. As medics were trying to resuscitate her, they found signs that suggested a possible Ebola virus infection. The health authority noted, however, that her preexisting medical condition also could have explained her death.

Despite the inconclusiveness, caution continues to be the watchword. On Tuesday, the World Health Organization proposed exit screenings for those traveling from Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria and Sierra Leone. From their statement . MORE