sinkhA sinkhole in Letitia and Frank Castro’s backyard has turned into a big problem for three Northwest Indiana communities after the hole expanded considerably over the weekend thanks to heavy rains. The sinkhole borders three towns. Half of the home is in Dyer, the other half in Schererville, and Munster is across the street. All three municipalities share sewer pipes, gas and electrical lines sitting underneath the property, according to Fox59. Homeowner Letitia Castro told 5 NBC Chicago that the towns temporarily filled in the 4-by-6-foot hole at least 20 times before, but the ground gave way in heavy rain during Saturday’s storms, creating a 40 feet wide by 30 feet deep sinkhole. Six of the Castro’s 25-year-old trees have fallen into the hole, CBS Chicago reported. A construction crew is working to shore up the hole and fix the collapsed storm sewer pipes that caused it while the towns debate who will pick up the tab. “It’s scary,” Letitia Castro told 5 NBC Chicago. “They guaranteed me that it won’t get to the house, but they also told me this would never happen.” TWC