infoAs the city of Los Angeles ages, its infrastructure is becoming increasingly fragile, and worse, city officials have no idea how they are going to finance upgrades. This, in a city — and a state — with some of the highest tax rates in the country, and it still isn’t enough. As reported by Bloomberg News: From buckling sidewalks to potholed thoroughfares to storm drains that can’t handle a little rain, the infrastructure that holds the second-largest U.S. city together is suffering from years of deferred maintenance. Bringing pipes that deliver water to 3.9 million people up to snuff could cost $4 billion — more than half the city’s annual operating budget. The bill for repaving streets will be almost that much, according to estimates from a city consultant, and patching or replacing cracked sidewalks will require $640 million. Recently, City Council members abandoned a proposal to ask voters to approve a sales tax increase to finance street and sidewalk repairs. Also, Mayor Eric Garcetti says any plans to raise water rates to finance the upgrade of pipelines is also off the table, for now. “We’re in trouble,” Jack Humphreville, the budget advocate for L.A.’s advisory neighborhood councils, told Bloomberg News. He says that, based on figures that he was given by the city, it will cost between $10 billion and $15 billion to upgrade public works in the city. More