_76988187_76984833Kenyan officials say the country is closing its borders to travelers from Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone in response to the deadly Ebola outbreak. Kenya’s health secretary said Kenyans and medical workers flying in from those states would still be allowed in. Kenyan Airways says it will stop flights to Liberia and Sierra Leone when the ban comes in on Wednesday. The World Health Organization (WHO) says Kenya is at “high risk” from Ebola because it is a major transport hub. The epidemic began in Guinea in February and has since spread to Liberia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria. On Friday, the death toll rose to 1,145 after the WHO said 76 new deaths had been reported in the two days to 13 August. There have been 2,127 cases reported in total. Earlier, Kenya’s health ministry said four suspected cases of Ebola in the country had tested negative for the virus. The cases had involved a Liberian national and two Nigerians who had recently travelled to Kenya as well as a Zimbabwean. Kenyan Airways said it had decided to cancel flights to Liberia and Sierra Leone’s capitals after advice from Kenya’s government. It said all passengers booked on the suspended flights would get a full refund. The company said its flights to Nigeria were not affected by the suspension. Announcing the government’s decision, Kenyan Health Minister James Macharia said it was “in the interest of public health.” He warned that Kenyans and health workers who had returned from the three West African states would face “strict checks” and would be quarantined if necessary. MORE