COMMONSome are calling it the “Common Core Twist.” No, it’s not a new dance move. It’s a new method of teaching under Common Core national education standards – called “critical thinking” – that critics say skips over the facts and details behind important historical events such as the framing of the Declaration of Independence. An example of this technique was on display recently in a classroom in Modesto, California, in which America’s founding document was compared to a high-school break-up letter. America’s story of breaking away from England was likened to that of two high-school sweethearts cutting the cord on their relationship. “Instead of focusing on the actual wording of the Declaration of Independence, and encouraging students to delve into the concepts and reasons behind the decision to break with England, the lesson likens the country’s beginnings to a high school love affair,” writes Victor Skinner at And, “that’s the Common Core twist,” according to a report on the classroom lesson in the Modesto Bee. MORE