coloThe conflict in Ferguson, Mo., where an unarmed teen was shot by police has raised the issue whether police agencies are becoming too militarized. And records show several Colorado law enforcement agencies have an array of equipment that the military no longer needs. CBS4 Investigator Rick Sallinger looked at what local agencies have gotten and how they’re using it.  Rather than throw it away, the Department of Defense gives items they no longer need away to local police agencies. But the trouble in Missouri has raised questions whether militarization has gone too far. Far from war zones some Colorado police departments are listed as having received mine-resistant vehicles. The La Plata County Sheriff’s Department in southwest Colorado uses an armored vehicle. “It’s value is incomprehensible to small agencies and agencies with limited budgets,” said retired Denver police officer Rob Rathburn. Rathburn strongly defends the military pass-along program. “So the value of that vehicle at that point is, yes, you want that intimidation factor, plus the protection for those officers,” he said. More