jetsTwo Chinese military planes entered Taiwan’s air defence identification zone on August 25, island Defence Minister Yen Ming said. “We responded immediately, asking them to leave,” Mr Yen said in an interview in Taipei. Taiwan dispatched fighter jets to intercept the surveillance aircraft, the Taipei-based Central News Agency reported yesterday. China rejected Taiwan’s claim that two Chinese military aircraft had breached Taiwan’s airspace, saying it was a “routine flight”. Taiwan scrambled its jets to intercept two Chinese military aircraft, identified as Yun-8 transport aircraft, on Monday.  The Chinese planes left without incident, Xiong Ho-ji, major general of Taiwan’s Air Force Combatant Command, told reporters on Tuesday. “Our military aircraft carried out a routine flight on the 25th in the relevant airspace, there was no occurrence of any abnormality,” China’s Defence Ministry said in a faxed statement to Reuters late on Tuesday. China and Taiwan have been separately governed since 1949 when the Nationalist government retreated across the Taiwan Strait to the island. China still claims Taiwan as part of its territory, which it says it will take by force if necessary. A Chinese fighter jet in international waters last week buzzed a US Navy surveillance aircraft within six metres feet and did a barrel roll over it in what the White House called a provocation. The August 19 incident took place about 217 kilometres east of Hainan Island, the southernmost tip of China, amid international tensions over China’s increasingly assertive territorial claims. The Sydney Morning Herald