Barack Obama is apparently very angry with Bibi Netanyahu. We have known for some time, via hot-mic and other methods, that neither he nor his secretary of state much care for the Israeli prime minister. But – perhaps exacerbated by a multiplicity of foreign and domestic policy failures, plus atrocious poll numbers, including a recent CNN poll showing Romney beating him handily were the election held today – Obama seemed more irked than usual. He needed someone to beat up since the world was beating him up. And the Israelis had just hugely embarrassed his secretary of state (and by extension, him) by pointing out their absurd bias in favor of Hamas in cease-fire negotiations, so absurd in fact that they outraged even Israel’s most famous liberal/left politician, Tzipi Livni, who would normally do almost anything for a chance for peace. (Ironically, the details of the pro-Hamas negotiations in which Israeli security concerns – the tunnels, demilitarization, etc. – were ignored were exposed by Barak Ravid in Israel’s most liberal newspaper, Haaretz.) More