8449c1bb-012e-42c0-a46c-36ce7fbb8b55_650x366It’s a little disconcerting to see massive holes opening up in the Earth, no matter the reason. A trio of large craters have formed in Siberia just days apart, and scientists are trying to figure out why it’s happening. According to the Moscow Times, the first two holes were found about 18 miles apart. Hole No. 1 was more than 160 feet wide and about 230 feet deep. The report adds that the second hole was much smaller. Now, a third hole has been discovered, east of the first two holes, in the Taymyr Peninsula, the Daily Mail reports. This hole is just 13 feet wide, the smallest of the three.  Although the Yamal Peninsula is Russia’s biggest production area for the country’s gas supply to Europe, experts don’t believe any of the three holes were created by oil-production practices, the report also states. So what’s causing gigantic these holes to form? More