A-Nation-Under-Judgment-bookRichard Capriola has been studying America, exploring the nation’s social policies from a scriptural viewpoint. The result is a new book: A Nation Under Judgment. The book investigates social issues, including hunger, poverty, income inequality, marriage and the environment, through both a biblical and public policy lens. His work also examines the role of campaign contributions versus God’s point of view in shaping our national agenda. “The evidence of our moving away from God’s point of view cannot be ignored. Since 1962, we have banned prayer in our public schools,” says Capriola, a retired hospital chaplain and church-based outreach leader. “We have enacted national policies that ignore God’s point of view of the beginning of life. In spite of our blessing of enormous wealth, we continue to allow millions of Americans—many of them children—to go hungry or homeless every day.” More