What do you think would happen if Christians sent every secondary school in America a copy of a book filled with testimonies of the power of God? I reckon it would wind up in a circular file, meet with lawsuits from secularists, humanists and atheists, and otherwise set off anti-Christ fireworks. But it seems fine and good for the British Humanist Association to send their own handbook to every secondary school in England and Wales. Indeed, these handbooks of disbelief were distributed to students in the name of free thinking. Can you spell double standard? The Young Atheist’s Handbook, which is subtitled Lessons for Living a Good Life Without God, tells the story of Alom Shaha. Now a science teacher, Shaha was raised as a Muslim in London. When his mother died, he rejected Islam and accepted atheism wholeheartedly. Now he wants others to reconsider what they believe. More