You have heard people say, “You cannot legislate morality.” This has been the mantra of those clamoring for the separation of church and state—meaning, to them, “Keep the church, the Bible and all forms of morality out of the public arena.” The truth, though, is laws are the legislation of morality. The confusion people have is their misunderstanding of morality. Morality is simply the divine laws that determine positive or negative results of one’s actions. The fact we have a moral universe presupposes a God who demands right behavior. Morality, therefore, is good deeds that benefits both the doer of the deed and those affected by the deed. Immorality, conversely, is simply bad deeds that hurt either the doer of the deed or those affected by the deed, and sometimes both. In other words, morality is a win-win for everyone, while immorality hurts society. More