This photo taken May 16, 2013, shows an electric chair on exhibit at the Texas Prison Museum in Huntsville, Texas. Between 1924 and 1964, 361 men died in the electric chair. Since the first execution by lethal injection in Texas in 1982 the state has executed 499 prisoners. (AP Photo/Pat Sullivan)
A number of U.S. states may revert to killing their death row inmates with electric chairs, firing squads and gas chambers as it becomes increasingly difficult to buy the chemicals used for lethal injections. The European Union has banned the export of one of the most common sedatives used in lethal injections, forcing states to experiment with new “cocktails” of drugs for executions. One such experimental recipe was used Tuesday in the botched execution of a prisoner in Oklahoma, leaving him writhing in pain to die of a massive heart attack 43 minutes later. Lawyers are seeking a moratorium on executions. More