Classic Worship Praise of East Texas
A video of a worship team singing a Christian song outside an airport terminal has gone viral on Facebook, with more than 70,000 shares. The video has been liked more than 11,000 times. Stacy Perkins, the senior worship pastor at Lufkin’s Harmony Hill Baptist Church in Texas, is one of the people featured in the video. He explains what happened: “We were on a three-hour layover at the Atlanta airport waiting on our flight to Shreveport, and we were just messing around, chit-chatting with the people around us, and having fun. A lady asked us, ‘What do y’all do?'” One of the people in their group, Classic Worship Praise of East Texas, then started singing the lyrics to the chorus of the song “Jesus Messiah.” Other members of the group joined in, and they all began to harmonize with each other. More