Back in February of this year, 4 Prominent Rabbis warned the United States and their Leaders by a Letter ‘ of “Heavenly Judgment” and that the U.S would go down in history as many other Empires that came against Israel in the Past if they persisted on trying to “Dividing” Jerusalem! I America beginning to see the 4 Severe Judgments mentioned by Ezekiel the Prophet in Ezekiel Chapter 14 as as a result of it’s persistent Unfaithfulness and Defiance of the God of Heaven?

Reflecting on Tomorrow – Part One – Surviving Babylon


Have you ever considered that you are living in the time of the end? The Bible informs us that these last days will be full of hate, war, persecution, and disasters. As Bible Prophecy continues to be fulfilled daily, the intensity and distress upon the nations gets more severe. What happens when it’s not just a story on the news but something you personally must experience? Will you have what it takes to make it in the end?

Listen to this powerful teaching from Mark Casto and Ricky Scaparo as they share prophetic parallels between the modern situations in the church with Daniel and the three Hebrew boys in Babylon. You will gain a new perspective on what we are facing as believers in this hour. But you will also discover important revelation and practical instruction from the Book of Daniel that will give you the grace for “Surviving Babylon”. This Message is available on CD by clicking HERE