Bryan College 2DAYTON, Tenn. – Two professors are suing Bryan College because their teaching contracts were not renewed when they refused to agree with the school’s literal interpretation of the Genesis creation account. As previously reported, Bryan College in Tennessee continues to grapple with an evolution/creation debate which has divided many students and faculty members. The controversy began earlier this year when the conservative Christian school clarified its statement of belief to affirm the literal historicity of Adam and Eve. Many professors criticized Bryan College’s president, Dr. Stephen Livesay, for pushing the statement of belief clarification. “These are decisions that did not have to be made at this time,” Dr. Stephen Barnett, a professor of natural sciences, told Chattanooga’s Times Free Press in March. “This is, as I see it, the hallmark of this administration: making hasty decisions and regretting them. And if they don’t regret this decision, they just aren’t thinking.” More