Don Jones Credit Jeffrey BeallMIAMI – The Miami Dolphins have fined and suspended safety Don Jones for Tweeting his disapproval of a same-sex kiss that aired on ESPN this past weekend. ESPN carried footage of Michael Sam’s reaction on Saturday as he learned that he had been selected by the St. Louis Rams, making their 249th choice overall. Sam and his partner Vito Cammisano embraced and kissed each other on national television upon receipt of the news, drawing applause from some and disapproval from others. Miami Dolphins safety Don Jones was among those who expressed his disagreement of the public act, commenting on Twitter that he found it to be “horrible.” He later removed the Tweet and one other surrounding the matter, but on Sunday, team officials leveled Jones with a fine—the amount of which has not been announced—and suspended him from the team until he participates in sensitivity training. More