Jennifer Knapp
There is a lot of confusion today over the subject of judging, and it seems that the one thing all of America knows is that “Jesus taught us not to judge.” What does the Bible really say about judging? I devoted an entire chapter to this subject in Can You Be Gay and Christian? and with every day that goes by, the question becomes more relevant. Does God’s Word give us clear directives here? If you look in 1 Corinthians, Paul writes that the spiritual man makes judgments about all things (2:15), he tells us not to judge anything before the appointed time (4:5), instructs us to judge those within the body who claim to believers but are walking in open sin (5:12) but reminds us that we are not to judge the world in that same way (5:13), tells us we are to judge disputes in our midst since one day we will judge angels (6:1-3), encourages the Corinthians to judge what he writes (10:15), asks them to judge whether it was right for a woman in their meetings to pray with her head uncovered (11:13), and then tells them they must judge themselves when partaking of Communion so they will not be condemned with the world (11:31-32). Paul has a lot to say about judging. As for Jesus, in Matthew 7:1-5, He teaches us not to judge hypocritically or superficially and not to condemn, while in John 7:24, He teaches us not to judge by outward appearances but to make righteous judgments. More