TerriORLANDO, Fla. – A woman who operated a Florida abortion facility for over ten years told a pro-life counselor last week that she has quit her career and dedicated her life to Jesus Christ after becoming convinced that abortions are wrong. The woman, named Terri, shared her story with John Barros, who has been involved in pro-life ministry for over 10 years. Since August of 2010, Barros has daily reached out to women visiting Orlando Women’s Center (OWC) and encouraged the women to not terminate their pregnancies. As previously reported, OWC generated national media attention last year when police raided the facility and seized property from the center’s notorious owner, James Pendergraft. The property seizure was the result of a court ruling, in which Pendegraft was fined $36.7 million for a botched abortion which left a child severely disabled. More