A major Christian church-leadership organization, which brought thousands of pastors and church workers together in Carrollton, Texas, this week, succeeded in raising eyebrows from some of the attendees – over so-called “contemplative spirituality.” The event, called “Catalyst Dallas,” was sponsored by Atlanta-based Catalyst, and featured speakers Craig Groeschel of LifeChurch.tv, filmmaker Ryan Leak, corporate management expert Patrick Lencioni and author Jen Hatmaker, among many others. During a workshop Tuesday afternoon, contemplative proponent Phileena Heuertz led the audience in a “centering prayer,” which detractors argue opens the door to altered states of consciousness. A common theme throughout Catalyst Dallas was references to mystics Thomas Merton, Thomas Keating and Henri Nouwen. Warren Smith, a writer specializing in the New Age movement, notes that mainstream Christian leaders have been promoting such mysticism for decades: More