Creation Museum exhibitCINCINNATI – Leaders of the Creation Museum in northern Kentucky unveiled a new $1.5 million dinosaur exhibit last week which they say ‘will challenge evolutionary theory.’ Since 2007, the Answers in Genesis Creation Museum has displayed exhibits which affirm and illustrate the history of the world from a biblical perspective. According to the museum’s website, the Creation Museum “brings the pages of the Bible to life” with many high-tech exhibits. In a press release last week, Creation Museum leadership announced the grand opening of a brand new dinosaur exhibit featuring a well-preserved allosaur skeleton. The exhibit, titled “Facing the Allosaurus,” features one of the best-preserved Allosaurus fragilis skulls ever discovered, according to the release. “Allosaurs, sometimes confused with a T. rex, were large theropod dinosaurs,” the press release explains. “This allosaur, named Ebenezer, is exceptional not only for its almost-complete, three-foot-long skull (including 53 teeth) but because its bones, rather than mixed and scattered, were found together (with many in their articulated position). The creature probably weighed 2.3 tons.” More