We probably don’t need this Pew Research survey to tell us that Americans are split down the middle on the issue of gun ownership. But here it is: 50 percent of us say gun control is more important than gun rights; 48 percent say the opposite. And even though more than 90 percent of Americans who took this poll want background checks, it’s not going to happen with money from the NRA opposing it. But surely no one wants their gun to fall into the hands of a thief or murder, or worse — a child. So how to prevent that? Engineer Omer Kiyani, who was shot in the face when he was 16 years old, has an innovative solution. It’s called Indentilock and it’s a biometric lock that attaches to the trigger mechanism and only comes off when activated by an authorized fingerprint. It’s similar to how the fingerprint lock on an iPhone works. Except in this case, the lock is FBI compliant and detachable. More