John Paul Jackson
Over time, I have discovered that God takes our fears very seriously. We often do not. Most of us have been afraid of the same things for so many years that we almost don’t notice how they’re affecting us anymore—or worse, we choose to ignore them. This isn’t fear, we may think. I just don’t do that sort of thing. I’m not outgoing enough. It’s not because I’m afraid of failing. I’ve just decided not to see this through. I know God doesn’t want me to be afraid of this (person, event, situation), but I am. Our fears may seem small and insignificant to us, but they aren’t to God. He will often go to great lengths to see that we are delivered from them. Several years ago, I had nightmares for 69 nights in a row. Most of the time, I would wake up sweating, yelling and thinking I was going to die. I begged God to stop the dreams, but He didn’t—at least, not in the way I had been expecting. More