An atheist group is demanding the state of Iowa rescind a grant for a Christian-themed park in Sioux City, arguing that its religious nature violates the First Amendment. The Freedom From Religion Foundation sent a letter to the state earlier in May, demanding that the state’s Vision Iowa Board, which is part of the Iowa Economic Development Authority, rescind a $140,000 grant that had been awarded to The Shepherd’s Garden, a Christian-themed park set to be completed in Sioux City’s downtown area by September. The park, also described by Siouxland News as a “Peace Garden,” is being created from an open lot near Jackson Street and 6th Street in the city’s downtown area, near the Missouri River. Although the park will include Christian themes, such as a stone path with Bible verses and prayer stations, Vision Iowa authorities argue that their funding is only going towards the project’s green space development, such as the planting of trees and flowers, and not its religious content. More