'Heaven Is for Real'
Some Christians have launched several complaints and opposing viewpoints about the movie Heaven Is for Real, which is based on a best-selling book about a little Christian boy who claimed he went to heaven and met Jesus. Some of these come from Christians we respect highly, and others come from people who are unfamiliar to us and seem to have no faith credentials whatsoever except a trail of anthropocentric booklets refuting many books, movies and people by using practically the same arguments while ignoring the text. In other words, these folks use the unbiblical method of eisegesis, rather than exegesis, to attack books, movies and people. As a former L.S. attorney in the U.S. attorney’s office in the Southern District of New York who later was saved by God’s grace alone, I can say with authority that these attacks do not follow the rules of evidence that derive from the Bible itself, which is the Word of God. More