class-common-core-APSome local school districts in the United States are making the decision to abandon the Common Core standards and the associated testing, choosing instead higher-level learning standards and curricula, then sharing these with other school districts. As Loren Heal observes at the Heartland Institute, Manchester, New Hampshire, Bradley County, Tennessee, and Germantown, Wisconsin are a few of the school districts that have rejected the Common Core standards. Ann Marie Banfield, Education Liaison at New Hampshire-based Cornerstone Policy Research, said the school board in Manchester “decided to develop local standards because of the numerous parents who attended school board meetings demanding something better.” Charlie Rose, the chairman of the board of education in Bradley County Tennessee,said, “They haven’t piloted [Common Core] anywhere. They just said, ‘Here it is.’ And in Tennessee they’re just shoving it down our throats, as far as I’m concerned.” Rose, a retired teacher, said mandates like Common Core limit the curriculum and are essentially one-size-fits-all systems. “We should be introducing our children to everything we possibly can through the twelfth grade, and then they can start specializing in college and when they get out of school,” added Rose. “I don’t think every kid needs to go to college. I’m sorry. They need to get education beyond twelve years, but it may be in a specialty like welding, or vocational courses.” More