The phrase “faster than a speeding bullet” just took on a whole new meaning. “An electromagnetic rail gun is a gun that uses just electricity — no gun powder — and, oh, by the way, can shoot a projectile like this, well over 100 miles at Mach 7,” said Rear Adm. Matthew Klunder, the Chief of Naval Research, which developed the rail gun. “Seven times the speed of sound.” An electromagnetic pulse propels a projectile down the barrel, creating a fireball of molten steel. The projectile sheds its steel cladding, and, in video released for the first time Monday, it smashes into a dummy warhead that represents an incoming missile. An explosion is caused by the sheer force of the impact. “This is a lab gun, and it shoots a slug about this big,” Klunder said, holding up a slug. “So think about that. A slug that big — a slug that big going Mach 7 puts a hole through six half-inch steel plates this big. Just this little slug.” More