5518262_f520As the ground begins to warm up in Texas, it is literally squirming, coming alive, crawling and teaming with a vicious and mobile predator. Experts predict 2014 to be the worst year yet for distinct ant invasions throughout Texas. Like a plague rising from the earth, this specific ant species is projected to descend on Houston, Texas, engulfing whatever stands in their way.The growing colony of ants, called Rasberry crazy ants, is projected to be more mobile than ever before and descend upon homes and businesses in the largest city in Texas. More destructive than their wicked cousin, the fire ants, these monsters will likely force entire home evacuations as they have in the past. Some businesses may be forced to shut down as the ground predators bite their way into electronic components. It sounds like a scene from a horror film, and that’s exactly what it is projected to be for some in Houston who stand in the path of these vicious ant colonies. Since 2008, the ants have invaded over 20 new counties in Texas, disturbing homes and businesses in their wake. More