article-2572951-1BF78D9A00000578-71_634x286LAS VEGAS – The Republican Party of one county in Nevada recently voted to remove its definition of marriage from its party platform, as well as its position on abortion. Members of the Clark County Republican Party largely agreed to the changes on Saturday, editing out language in the party platform that outlined their belief in marriage being only between a man and a woman. A statement affirming the party’s opposition to abortion and its commitment to life was also removed from the document. Director Nick Phillips told reporters that the adjustments came as a result of discussions during the party’s committee meeting this weekend in Las Vegas. He said that black and white statements on social issues run contrary to the group’s belief in personal freedom. “We’re supposed to be a party that believes in the right to make personal decisions,” he told the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “This is a huge first step.” While removing language from the party platform referencing marriage and the right to life, the Clark County Republican Party decided to add language to its preamble regarding “sexual orientation.” More