watch_fire_house_bannerSince May 2011, our weekly prayer meetings at The Barn have been appropriately named “Fire Nights.” These prayer meetings have never failed to live up to their title.  Every Thursday night our corporate body comes together to guard and grow the sacred fire of the presence of God. On these nights we have seen people healed, delivered, and encouraged in a multitude of ways. It is the unifying source of our body as well as the sustaining power that pushes us from glory to glory every week. More importantly, our prayers are directly affecting people, cities, and nations, and we have testimony upon testimony to prove His mighty hand is at work in and through us!

To this day, Fire Nights continue to serve as the command center from which we are able to co-labor with Christ to see His Kingdom invade earth. These nights have been so powerful that we can’t keep it to ourselves anymore! There is now a way for you to become a part of these life-changing evenings. OCI is now raising up “Firehouses” of prayer and community that will invite you to carry that fire into your own home or facility. Now, our Fire Nights will be broadcasted all over the world via livestream! It is our desire to set the whole nation on fire for the glory of God and to see revival branch out across the world. To become a Firehouse, you simply start by:

  • Tuning in weekly to our Fire Night livestream on Thursday nights at 8pm.
  • Intentionally engaging in prayer alongside of us as we pinpoint key areas such as cities, nations, addictions, and demonic strongholds.
  • Receiving and manifesting the words, guidance, and encouragement that are released throughout the meeting.
  • Inviting your friends, family, and ministry to come out to a set destination every week!

Join us now by signing up to become a Firehouse that guards the sacred fire of God’s presence and advances the things of God! CLICK HERE TO SIGNUP TO BE A FIREHOUSE