This file photo shows Iran’s Kharg helicopter carrier.
The Iranian Navy is planning to send its 30th fleet of warships to the Atlantic Ocean, a senior Iranian naval commander says. Barring any change in plans, the 30th fleet of the Iranian Navy – which is comprised of Alvand destroyer, Bushehr logistic vessel and a helicopter – will sail to the Atlantic Ocean in the future, Iranian Navy Commander Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari told Fars news agency on Sunday. Each flotilla is dispatched to to the high seas after its mission is determined according to plans, he said, adding, however, that Iran’s naval fleet are fully prepared to re-adjust their missions at any given moment if required. “Considering the situation in the region, the mission of warships may change. For example, if attacks by pirates intensify in the Gulf of Aden, changes will be made in the warships’ assignments,” he added. In light of this, Sayyari said changes have been made in the mission of the 29th fleet, which consists of Sabalan destroyer, Kharg logistics vessel and two helicopters. More