Technology is one of the leading ways we are able to track Bible prophecy, but it seems it is helping to create the fulfillment of those prophecies. Could it be ushering in the kingdom of the beast? Many who follow Bible prophecy are beginning to see the unusual fulfillment of what the prophets declared thousands of years ago but is now becoming much more evident in our culture. For instance, many questioned whether or not the last-day “kingdom of the beast” was the resurrected Roman Empire, which some considered to be the European Union—that is, until Sept. 11, 2001, when our eyes were opened to jihad and the Muslim uprising. Now we see the alignment of nations in the Middle East that both the prophet Daniel and John the Revelator spoke of in Daniel and Revelation. These men will make war against Israel and will behead those who are against them. I do not see this as an objective for the EU; however, this is the mandate of what many Muslims believe for in a new caliphate. More