sanandreasfault_srtm_bigThe powerful 8.2-magnitude earthquake that struck northern Chile on Tuesday night came after a series of quakes had shaken the Los Angeles area in recent weeks. Could there be a link between these recent seismic events? Do they portend a larger and perhaps more dire planetary crisis? A sign that a tectonic doomsday may soon be upon us? “No,” said Dr. Gavin Hayes, a geologist with the U.S. Geological Survey’s National Earthquake Information Center. “Totally unrelated,” agreed Cal Tech geophysicist Mark Simons. “The most important thing everyone needs to remember is these are two of some of the most seismologically active places in the world,” CNN meteorologist Indra Petersons said. So you can rest a little easier, Californians. Your state and Chile lie on different faults that “are too far apart” for the earthquakes to be linked, according to Hayes. More