C720X0122H_2013資料照片_N71_copy1Bankrupt Detroit announced its new immigration plan that aims to attract Chinese investors, and the combined investment from China has reached US$100 billion, the ninth highest among the 50 states in the United States. Although is was seeking Chinese investment, the city’s chronic problems with public disorder, racial conflict, and chaos in urban planning may still put its future at risk, according to the Southern Weekly. The city, which has a factory that produced the first Ford car, was a major hub for automobile manufacturing worldwide. Its collapse after suffering huge debt and dying industries symbolizes the world’s farewell to the era of traditional industry. But some people still want to save the most populous city in Michigan. At the beginning of 2014, Michigan governor Rick Snyder announced his new immigration plans of issuing 40,000 immigrant visas to well-educated immigrants willing to reside in the Motor City, which has turned into a ghost town. More