Capture1Iran’s decision to appoint a member of the group behind the 1979 seizure of the US embassy in Tehran as its ambassador to the United Nations has angered US lawmakers, prompting Senator Ted Cruz to propose a law that would prevent Hamid Abutalebi, now a veteran diplomat, from entering the United States. The administration of the Iranian President, Hassan Rouhani, has submitted a US visa application for Mr Abutalebi, who is widely thought to be a moderate and a reformist. However, he was at one time a member of the group Students Following the Imam’s Line, which was behind the occupation of the US embassy in November 1979 and the holding hostage of 52 Americans for 444 days.Senator Cruz, a Republican from Texas, said the legislation would oblige the US to deny visas to UN applicants who have engaged in terrorist activity. He added: “It is unconscionable that in the name of international diplomatic protocol the United States would be forced to host a foreign national who showed a brutal disregard of the status of diplomats when they were stationed in his country… This person is an acknowledged terrorist.” More