FISHAdolph Anderson was aimlessly dipping an empty fishhook into Fountain Lake at Byrd Park on Wednesday afternoon when a man excitedly pointed out a massive carp swimming nearby. Anderson politely informed the man that he had no interest in fishing at Fountain Lake after what he had just seen. The lake was littered with about 200 dead fish. “Great doggy!” said Edwin Ruffin, another visitor to the lake on Wednesday, after he saw several dozen dead fish. “That’s gross. Wow. You can even smell that odor now. … Somebody needs to look into this.” Bill Hayden, a spokesman for the state Department of Environmental Quality, said the agency learned about the fish kill Wednesday afternoon and sent a biologist to check. The biologist found poor water quality in the lake, including an abundance of algae that might have proliferated during recent warm days, Hayden said. Large amounts of thick, green algae had accumulated near the edges of the lake, as well as what appeared to be pollen. About 200 bluegills died, Hayden said. The specific cause of the fish kill wasn’t clear, but there was no indication of a spill or toxic-chemical problem, which probably would have killed more than one species, Hayden said. Parkgoer Sheila Luellen said Wednesday that she was concerned about the health of the park. She was among several people who stopped to look at the dead fish and speculated about what might have gone wrong. Tamara E. Jenkins, a spokeswoman for Richmond’s Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Facilities, said on Wednesday that she was not aware of the dead fish at the lake. Times