441858611_671519dabb_oIndian prophet Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj predicted an upcoming fatal disease starting in Asia which no cure is expected to stop. But is it possible that the predicted disease can cause zombie infestation? Here are scientific ways that zombie-causing illness may actually occur to start the end of the world.

Science have already discovered several species of parasites which lodge inside the human brain. One of the most horrifying kind is the “brain-eating amoebae” called Naegleria fowleri. It can easily travel from the person’s nose and goes all the up to the brain which destroys all brain tissue it can – don’t forget that it can be painful when it hits the pain centre of the brain. Second is Toxoplasma gondii that slows down reaction time and double risking people to traffic accidents. Third one found usually in rainforest and swamps is the Loa Loa eye worm which can cause cognitive losses, memory problems and personality changes. Since parasites can affect both humans and rats, it is likely a biologically engineered parasite may start such event to be spread by our favourite pest. MORE