RNS-Wiki-Worship-WilmingtonTurning part of the message over to church members is the concept behind a new worship model called WikiWorship. Yes, that’s wiki as in Wikipedia. It was developed by the Rev. Philip Chryst, pastor of a United Methodist mission in Wilmington, N.C., as part of an evangelism course when he was finishing his degree at Duke Divinity School. He’s using it as part of a Lenten series at 9:45 a.m. each Sunday through April 13 in the bar called Hell’s Kitchen. The week before each WikiWorship, participants submit questions on religion, ethics, life or God via the mission’s website. Then Chryst chooses one to spur discussion at each service. Releasing control of the pulpit without mashing up the message is the challenge, the pastor said. “WikiWorship, in many ways, is kind of evangelism but in a very post-modern way,” Chryst explained. “It’s scary like those children’s preaching moments in church because you don’t know what’s going to come out of a child’s mouth.” MORE