Syrian-Christians-GettyThe Chaldean Catholic bishop in Aleppo penned an emotional op-ed on Sunday describing the “mortal threat” to Christianity he says his country, now ravaged by three years of civil war, faces. “We Christians live in fear in Syria,” Bishop Antoine Audo wrote in the British newspaper the Sunday Telegraph. “Our faith is under mortal threat, in danger of being driven into extinction, the same pattern we have seen in neighboring Iraq.” He described what he expected the scene would look like this first Sunday of Lent. While churches around the world would be crowded, in his country “where St. Paul found his faith, many churches stand empty, targets for bombardment and desecration.” “Aleppo, where I have been bishop for 25 years, is devastated. We have become accustomed to the daily dose of death and destruction, but living in such uncertainty and fear exhausts the body and the mind,” Audo wrote. MORE