USS_John_C._Stennis_CVN-74__HMS_Illustrious_R_06The United States is considering sending troops for war games in the Baltic states bordering Russia, Vice-President Joe Biden said on Tuesday in an effort to reassure NATO allies alarmed at the Kremlin’s intervention in Ukraine. Moscow’s dispatch of troops to Ukraine’s Crimea Peninsula and its unilateral declaration that the area is now part of Russia have left NATO member states in eastern Europe worried that they could be next in line. In the Polish capital on the first leg of a two-day trip to the region, Mr Biden condemned Russia’s actions in Crimea as a land grab, and said NATO’s commitment to protect any of its members from attack was unwavering. He also said the United States would work on reducing the dependence of eastern European states on imported Russian fuel, a relationship that, US officials say, the Kremlin uses as a tool of political influence. MORE