eyetrack1Many are aware of the mountain of Orwellian features inherent in Microsoft’s latest gaming console, Xbox One, but competitor Sony may soon take the cake when it comes to creepy, invasive Big Brother-style add-ons. Sony’s Magic Lab research department has been working with SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI), a world leader in “eye & gaze tracking systems,” to develop an attachment that will allow gamers to control cameras, characters and events on screen sans a controller. All that will be required is your eyes.  A prototype demonstration shows users would set the device on a table in front of a monitor about 50 to 75 centimeters from the eyes. The device’s cameras would then track eye motions and translate that data into actual movements on screen. The technology is still far from hitting store shelves, and may fail to materialize, but gamers and reviewers are already smitten with the new eyeball tracker. More