32614d-1000x666A well formed supercell hit the Sacramento Valley areas just southwest of Chico, in Northern California, on Wednesday evening.  A Severe Thunderstorm Watch issued here at TheWeatherSpace.com covered the event. A line of supercells formed from the Central to Northern California valleys on Wednesday afternoon and evening.  This line went along Interstate 5.  As of this write-up two tornado warnings went out for these cells, one of which just north of Sacramento produced a tornado. Radar images revealed the red and green, outbound and inbound winds closely packed together, at one point around 90 mph wind speeds for the rotation near the surface. The storms also produced hail over 1″ in diameter. TheWeatherSpace.com did in fact have a Severe Thunderstorm Watch issued.  When the first cell formed, a watch had to go out for more to develop as the dynamics today were in fact severe enough.  This same storm system will hit the Eastern Great Plains tomorrow (Thursday), producing a severe weather outbreak. Theweatherspace.com