People take part in an anti-war rally in MoscowThousands have gathered in Moscow for a rally ‘In Support of Crimea and Against Fascism’ on the eve of the independence referendum in the Ukrainian autonomous republic. A rival peace rally attracted as many supporters. A crowd of demonstrators, led by the public movement Essence of Time (Sut’ Vremeni), marched Saturday through downtown Moscow to show their solidarity with Crimeans, the majority of whom are ethnic Russians. Many were waving red flags and Russian tricolors and holding placards with slogans such as “Crimea, we are with you!”“Russia doesn’t ditch its people” and “Ukraine and Russia are together against Fascism.” Essence of Time members – all dressed in same red jackets and black hats with the movement’s logos – were followed by activists of other political parties and groups and ordinary Muscovites who believe Russia should support its compatriots living in the autonomous republic on the Black Sea. MORE