steve-hill-hand-raisedIt happened in Spain while holding a street crusade. For 10 days, we had been faithfully witnessing on the streets with a team of more than 100 young people. We had handed out more than 25,000 pieces of literature. Our drama team performed several times a day. They were awesome and incredible, yet no one responded to the gospel. Not one single person got saved in 10 days! I had been on a total fast during that whole time. I was going for souls with all my heart. I was going after Spain. I was believing God for a breakthrough in one of the most difficult nations in the world to preach the gospel. I was one frustrated person. In all my years of ministry, I had never been in a place where we labored so hard but saw absolutely no fruit. It was as if Jesus was on another planet and left me alone in Spain. Do you think Jesus knew what was going on? Of course He did. He knew everything. He knew what I was facing. He could have come down in power the first day. I’ve seen Him do that before in crusades. But He didn’t. MORE