snl-skit-mocks-pro-life-activism-e1394423154632A “Saturday Night Live” segment got very political this week and drew surprisingly little laughter but a notable number of gasps from the audience. The writers characterized the sole male in the skit — surrounded by five women who gradually tore him apart — as a “grass-roots activist.” But when the women dug a little deeper they discovered that “Bruce” was an activist for male rights (and specifically fought for higher pay for men than women, which drew big audience gasps). Side by side with Bruce’s politics were the externals: He was also portrayed as a double-talker, decidedly milquetoast, not good looking nor sexually desirable (he was a virgin until recently), and vaulted into his activism after being dumped by a girl when he was 18 — which may or may not fit a kind of dream stereotype of conservative men in liberals’ minds. MORE