obama-sad-580x400 copyObama’s final negotiations on the secret Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) treaty are almost complete. He will be sending this treaty to Congress very soon and is asking the House and Senate to grant him Fast Track Authority. If this happens, World Net Daily says it is all but certain that Congress will “rubber-stamp” the treaty that is designed to ship millions of good American jobs overseas to countries like Viet Nam or Mexico. Read more about how the TPP will destroy employment in the US here. Under Fast Track authority, no amendments will be allowed and it will not have to pass the 67-vote threshold in the Senate. This will allow Obama to ram this treaty through the House and Senate as quickly as possible before anyone in Congress even has the chance to read the full draft. Obama has been drafting the TPP in secret with 11 other nations, including Mexico, Canada, Peru, Malaysia and Viet Nam. MORE

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