184821165RT: The US President said that we’re not facing a new Cold War yet. He has also called on Russia to be deeply isolated – how do these points come together, how do they even work side by side?

Lawrence Freeman: First of all you should not believe what President Obama says. We are in a very dangerous situation that could escalate to a world war. The decisions that President Obama’s made are not his own. He is a effectively a tool of Wall Street and the British financial system, and they have declared war on Russia and President Putin because of the leadership role that Russia plays in the whole Eurasian continent, which is moving in a different direction.

The financial system of the Western countries is in a full state of collapse and that is what is driving this President and the Europeans to this escalating war against Russia and also China. So I wouldn’t believe President Obama because he actually is not that intelligent, and not his own person.

RT: When condemning Russia’s reunification with Crimea, Obama said that all comparisons with Kosovo are irrelevant. He said: “We did not annex Iraq’s territory. We did not grab its resources for our own gain. Instead we ended our war and left Iraq to its people in a fully sovereign Iraqi state that can make decisions about its own future.” It sounds like he is saying he knew his actions there were more understandable than Russia’s actions in Crimea – because Washington never annexed Iraq. What do you make of those parallels?

LF: Again, we know what the real truth of the matter is. The US government, President Obama, using people from the Cheney administration – of Cheney and Bush – organized a coup in Kiev. Victoria Nuland, who used to work for Cheney, has been organizing, she said, for several years to overthrow the government. We worked with well-known neo-nazis and right wing fascists to illegally overthrow the government in late February. And this was done to try and provoke President Putin in Russia into a response. More