evolutionWhen Conservative Students for a Better Tomorrow asked professors at Furman University in Greenville, S.C., to participate in a Creationism debate modeled after the Ken Ham-Bill Nye event last month, the professors not only refused, but allegedly mocked the idea on social media. A student reported that a professor even threatened the group via email for reporting what the students saw as “bullying.”  Warning his colleague Bryan Bibb against appearing in the debate, Religion professor Roger Sneed commented on Facebook: “They’re seeking you to give legitimacy to a completely [expletive laden rant redacted] load of foolishness.” English professor Margaret Oakes advised him similarly, and said, “Don’t dignify the stupidity by acknowledging it.” Lauren Cooley, a CSBT advisor, told The Christian Post on Thursday that as soon as the professors heard the group’s plans to invite Answers in Genesis lecturer Terry Mortenson, they attacked his ideas and the students’ desire to invite him to campus for a debate. “The comments on Facebook were definitely bullying,” Cooley said. “It’s really inappropriate and unprofessional. … We want to expose the fact that we’re being ridiculed.” Cooley told CP that roughly five professors were involved in the alleged bullying on social media, but she only named three – Bibb, Sneed and Oakes. MORE