YouTube-screenshots-Amer-Daily-IndyThe principal at a public elementary school in Tucson, Ariz. held a shocking, chant-filled political rally on Tuesday urging children as young as kindergarteners to take political action to support César Chávez Day as an official, paid holiday for local government employees. The Arizona Daily Independent first reported the story and the bizarre video is below. The principal is Sonora, Mexico-born Carmen Campuzano. She led the brazen political rally at Tucson’s Davis Bilingual Magnet School. Campuzano can be seen in the video clad in bright, bright red. There are also two special guests. One is Dolores Huerta, a labor leader who co-founded the group that is now the United Farm Workers with César Chávez. The other special guest is Tucson Unified school board member Cam Juarez. He is the guy wearing all black and a Michael Jackson hat. MORE