danielknorrisDuring my time at the revival at Brownsville, it was not uncommon to find me out at a remote part of Pensacola Beach with a longboard, looking to catch a few waves between school and services. If you live on the West Coast, I know the Gulf isn’t Mavericks. On a good day, you might ride a 3- to 4-foot wave. This is why I eagerly anticipated the storm season. Any time a tropical storm would move into the Gulf, you knew that the waves were bound to pick up. I became a part-time meteorologist, following the surf reports and weather conditions looking for those windows when the larger swells would start to move in and the waves would be the greatest. I had no control over the weather. I had no ability to produce a wave. The only thing I could control was where I would be when the waves came in. I had to be properly positioned. MORE